Friday, October 24, 2014

Thursday, October 16, 2014

House work time

I'm prepping my house in case my plans, and efforts, for teaching painting out of my home pans out. Also, I need to get ready for winter. Our furnace has a humidifier built in and on very cold, dry days, ice builds up on the inside of the windows. Even though we have double paned windows. I went around the front room and oiled the wood frames on the windows with lemon oil. I then did the stair ledge, ballisters, and the window & door frames for the front door. Everything is so shiny and glows so nice. I also oiled up my mission dish hutch. It is cracking on the sides. Oops.My large leafed plant that is almost as tall as I, is nicely oiled with coconut oil.

While these are not things that I do on a regular basis, doing them adds that little, special pizazz to the room that basic cleaning does not. What do you do that goes the extra mile and makes a difference between a room being clean and a room that dazzles?