Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Starting over

One of the things I love about oil paint is how easily it can be painted over, wiped out and used to cover up one thing, and create another.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas cards as an out reach ministry

You may not think something so small, a paper card, would touch the lives of those around you, but it can. So many of us grew up with Christmas cards as a part of our holidays. We would string them up in the house like fresh laundry on the line. We would walk under them and see the good wishes of friends and family sent to us and written in their own hand writing. Their personalities splashed across the inside of the cards. 
40 Free Christmas Images  //  The Graphics Fairy
In this day and age of electronic everything, when we can send messages to one another in the blink of an eye, why bother to send Christmas sentiments in what seems like such an antiquated way?  For many, especially those of earlier generations, cards, letters and notes were the major way of communication, even after the telephone arrived. Deep, meaningful sentiments were poured out in letters. If it mattered, you wrote about it. A letter or card can be held in your hand or up to your heart. How hasn't experienced the thrill of delight upon discovering ribbon wrapped love letters in an attic? The correspondents long gone, but their love remains, living on forever in written form? Emails, phone calls and texts are all being monitored by the government or other nosy pants who are able to hack into what should be our private communication devices. Privacy seems to only exist in written form. Just look at the damage and fall out form the 'Sony hack'.
I have involved myself in a Christmas card group on Facebook and I love opening my mail to see cards addressed to me. The response from the ladies has been amazing as well. What a blessing to see lonely ladies comment with almost childlike glee, their delight at receiving Christmas cards! In our face paced world, we try to eliminate as much as possible from our holiday schedules. I just want to encourage you to send a Christmas card or two as a way to reach out to those who are lonely, sad, or just want to remember what it was like to have a mail box full of Christmas cheer.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Should we go back to using slates in schools?

Gabrielle Ray Actress Doing Her Sums on a School Slate Photographic Print

With all the talk about, 'saving the trees' and our 'evil' human impact on the world around us, I wonder why schools have not gone back to writing on slates for the younger children practicing their letters and numbers? Just think of how many pages of paper we would keep from ending up in a landfill? Of course, that means that teachers would need to grade the slates in class. No more, 'teacher work days'.