Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ageism in the church

This growing trend must end!

My mother came over this morning for a visit. We got to talking about church and the changes we have seen it go through over the years. We both commented on how much emphasis pastors put these days on young families, children's programs and youth meetings while completely ignoring the older generation in their congregation. While my husband and I were seeking a church home, we visited, and left, many who blatantly embraced the younger generations while turning their back on anyone over the age of 45 who did not have children.
If you are a pastor running your church like a Ponzi scheme then yes, you do need fresh turnips from whom you can squeeze blood (in the name of tithing) but if you are truly a shepherd, the age of your congregation should have no bearing on the survival of your church.
It is annoying to hear pastor after pastor claim that their church is their to focus on the children or youth of the church. It is annoying to go to a church that thinks it must blare rock 'n roll type music with a band and a smoke machine to entertain the congregants, and it is annoying to be in a congregation of young people who think attending church is all about being entertained.
The young families I have seen in many churches (yes there are exceptions) seem to have limited time and/or money. I have spoken to many older women in churches who are tired of being on the clean up crew and want to be 'in the trenches' so-to-speak, running prayer or home groups or being intercessors, or training up the younger women. Where is the Titus woman? Are there younger women wise enough to seek out the older women in church for advice?
Old ladies, and men, it is time to stand up for yourselves in your churches. And dare I say it? Yes I dare! If your church refuses to meet your needs and refuses to see you as anything more than a body to warm a pew until someone younger comes along...then leave that church and find one that respects you.Even if you have been a member of that church for decades, if the pastor cannot see you as a valuable contributor to their church body, leave before it is too late. The Lord has a plan for your life that does not end once the gray hair starts showing up!
Moses was 80 years old when he lead the Israelites out of Egypt and 120 when he died. He was wandering around in the wilderness for 40 years AFTER he turned 80! Surely your church can see you as a viable member even after your children are long gone?
If you are reading this and you are older and you feel as though something has been missing in your church life but you have not yet been able to put your finger on it,  perhaps it is the lack of interest being shown to you by your church leadership because you do not have children or they think you are too old to matter?
Is that how you wish to spend your sunset years? In a church that ignores you because of your age? I didn't think so.
It is more important that you find a church home that will love and appreciate you, than staying at a church who refuses to include you as a family member because of your age.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Huang Shan Mao Feng green tea from Teavivre

I'm enjoying an afternoon snack of green tea and popcorn. The green tea is from Teavivre called; Huang Shan Mao Feng. Its sweet fruity flavor is a great compliment to the salty flavor of the the popcorn.
Tea after it has been brewed/steeped.
This tea was harvested on April 15, 2014. If you are looking for a light green tea, light meaning flavor, and low caffeine (about 10% of what you would get in a cup of coffee) for the summer, this is one I would recommend. I think it would also be great as a replacement for fruity water...the kind where you place fruit in a water pitcher. Not only does it have that great, fruit flavor to jazz up water, it has a slight amount of caffeine to help keep you going all day without the high caffeine buzz of coffee or black tea.