Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dreaming of a shabby Christmas!

I know you're probably saying, 'but it's ONLY September!". Yes, but it's the END of September and there are only 13...THIRTEEN Saturdays until Christmas. Does that help put things in perspective for you? You have limited time to sell your crafts, buy your gifts, and figure out your decorations if you wanted to mix things up this year and try something new.
There is quite a bit of burlap out there, and folks are going nuts for the look. last year, it was peacocks and while those are still enjoying some love, the burlap is winning hands down. Burlap ideas on Pinterest LINK.

The next big thing right now in shabby Christmas decor is naturals. Like this acorn cap ornament. It has just a hint of glitter which our ultra-natural gals can of course opt to leave off but how cute is this?! I think the bow really makes it pop. Natural Christmas decor ideas Pinterest LINK.

Then, we have my favorite, glam or ultra glam ornaments and decor in a romantic, not-so-shabby theme. 

Hello, Gorgeous! Pearls, ribbon, lace, glittering gems, roses and sometimes feathers. It all comes together to make me; happy, happy, happy!

Video is from 2011